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    Specialized Neurology & Neuro Sergery Experts offers treatment services for Pediatric & Adult Neurology, Neurosurgeons treating neuro conditions using advanced techniques in Neurosurgery

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SPS Centre for Neurosciences

SPS Centre for Neurosciences is one of premier and comprehensive neurosciences centre across the country. The centre is one of the busiest centre that diagnoses and treats more than 5000 adult and paediatric patients per year.

Neuroscience is a branch of medicine which deals with the study and treatment of disorders of the Nervous system which comprises of both central and peripheral nervous system. Central nervous system includes brain & the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system includes all the elements of the neural system connected to skin, eyes, ears, skin and nerves etc.

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Why choose “SPS Centre of Neurosciences” for the treatment of neurological diseases and disorders?

  • We provide Comprehensive Treatment Approach after analysing all the aspects of your neurological needs and care.
  • We diagnose and treat complex brain conditions such as Aneurysms, Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM) and strokes. We use State-of-the-art treatments to save your life and preserve your neurological functions.
  • We have advanced spine centre where our neurosurgeons are experts at diagnosing and treating complex spine conditions. We are at the forefront of the medical management of chronic back pain. We use minimally invasive spinal surgery and advanced devices for complex spinal fusion surgery.

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Department of Neurology

The SPS Department of Neurology known for its clinical excellence since 2005. The department of neurology is one of the best and busiest department which treats more than 300 neurological...

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Department of Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a Branch of Surgery involved with the Brain, Spine and Nerves. Department of Neurosurgery at SPS Hospitals is committed to provide the exceptional and most comprehensive patient...

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Department of Interventional Neurology

The Department of Interventional Neurology at SPS Hospitals utilizes minimally invasive, image guided techniques to treat most complex brain and spine disease...

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